ALTEA – Turismo e Serviços, SU, Lda., founded in the 30th of May, 2014, is a young company, headquartered in Nordeste Municipality, specifically at Nordeste Village. Its activity began in the 3rd of June, 2014, mainly in the areas of Tourism and Services, as suggested by its designation.

The acronym “ALTEA” is based on the initials activities that lead the company: “A” Activities; “L” Leisure, “T” Tourism and “E” Engineering of the “A” Azores.

Currently, the company owns two houses under the Guest House accommodation category, located in Nordeste village: the “Casa da Ponte”, type T2, containing two bedrooms, kitchen and living room, two bathrooms and has a small BBQ area outdoors. The “Casa do Parque”, type T2, also accommodates two bedrooms, kitchen and living room, and two bathrooms. Our expectations is that our services provide a differentiated supply with accredited value.


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