On the northeast of São Miguel is Nordeste municipality, named after its cardinal point, which consists of 9 parishes.

It is known for its beautiful green landscapes, such as Pico da Vara, Plateau of Graminhais, Tronqueira Sierra, Natural Park of Caldeirões, and for its belvederes, such as Ponta da Madrugada, where you can watch the sunrise, and Ponta do Sossego. Other worthy landscapes can be seen at the Arnel Lighthouse, the natural pools in Ribeira do Guilherme and Lombo Gordo Beach.

In addition to the its unique panoramas and topography, the Nordeste municipality hosts a bird, Priolo, an endangered species which can only be observed in Nordeste, in its natural and singular habitat which resides within the plenty green sierra of Tronqueira. Because of it, the Nordeste Municipality is known as the Land of Priolo.

Its total area comprises 101 km2 and offers ideal conditions for those looking after nature tourism.

Handicrafts is of great importance in this municipality and it is well represented in the Work House of Nordeste (Nordeste Village), in which bedspreads and linen blankets are weaved on handlooms, at the A Folha de Milho (Parish of Salga), where you can appreciate artisans’ work and buy a corn leaf doll at the store or in museums dispersed by other parishes.

Besides crafts, you can have a taste from our cuisine, discovering restaurants and our best flavors, and even homemade corn and wheat bread baked in Lomba da Fazenda, made the old fashioned way, kneaded by hand and baked in a traditional wood oven. Besides this bread, coveted all over the island, there is also the kneaded dough (massa sovada), the oven cake, cookies and bolos lêvedos, produced in the same traditional way. On the other hand, in the parish of Salga, also in baking and pastry industry, bread and sweets serve the whole island.